About Suzanne Rainey: Advocate of Whole Self Healing, Reiki Master Teacher, Yoga Teacher

I am an advocate for an integrated approach to health and health care. I am a seeker of whole self healing–that is, all that embodies healing our minds, our beautiful bodies, our hearts, and our souls.

I advocate for healing on deep levels, and for staying healthy using many tools. I count many things as medicine, including:

  • Food
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Reiki
  • Energy therapy
  • Chinese medicine and herbs
  • Acupuncture
  • Therapy
  • Spiritual practices
  • Love
  • ….and the list keeps expanding.

The message is clear: Ways to heal, and options for healthy choices, are all around us. There are thousands of professionals in the U.S. trained in healing practices available and willing to serve us. We don’t know what we don’t know. We need a revolution in our system that marries Western medicine with a huge body of still ‘alternative’ preventions, tools, and even cures. We need to wake up to what people have been using in other places for millennia. We need to wake up.

I am an advocate for those on a journey of deep healing, and a resource to those stepping onto new paths. I offer guidance based upon my experience, and share the wisdom gained from being in the system and seeing opportunities for expansion. Most of all, I advocate for finding deep self love, and a connection with one’s higher Self.

I offer Reiki healing energy sessions in Centennial, Colorado, distance Reiki anywhere, Reiki training, private yoga sessions, and individualized coaching as an advocate for women with breast cancer. I also work with organizations involved with or providing healing services, in communications and advocacy.

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The Journey That Brought Me Here:


In 2013, I awakened through my diagnosis of Stage I breast cancer. I had already been on a path to healing, and I was just 3 days from completing holistic yoga teacher training in Washington, DC. I was also a single mother raising two girls, and had experienced several heartbreaks. But this new health wake-up call thrust me into even deeper searches for that which heals us. And that is a journey with no end. It just keeps getting better.

In working through the myriad decisions I was thrust into, and then through three surgeries, including reconstruction, I became keenly aware that the healthcare system that so expertly took care of my immediate problem (i.e., removing the tumor in my breast), did nothing else. It was lonely and difficult and extremely tiring to navigate the situation, to make choices, to understand what to do next, and to feel empowered on any level. And yet, this path is critical.

Thankfully, I was guided to questions and people with answers. I learned there were so many common sense things I could do for myself, like cutting back on alcohol or sugar, two known toxins that significantly increase our risk of cancer. I sought and began to learn lots of well-documented, scientifically proven facts like this: Women who have two to three alcoholic drinks per day have a 20 percent higher risk of breast cancer (see article).

I dived in to learning about things I could do to prevent other cancer, and to make sure I was as healthy as I could be. And surprise! There is so much we can do for our bodies and to repair our dis-ease. I am truly grateful for all I have learned, and my for guides.

I also teach the wisdom of yoga to help us transform our lives, transcend adversity, and heal our whole selves. Yoga is an integral part of her personal health practice. My story is common: I began practicing yoga at a nearby gym in the 1990s. But I moved into a much more spiritual practice, and then came to rely on the strength, clarity, and serenity it brought me when my life changed dramatically in 2008. Then, I practiced on a wholly different level in 2013 to remain present and heal after surgeries. I know that through practicing yoga, we can heal on very deep levels–and even in places we didn’t know needed healing. Now, my practice is to live life in the moment, breath by precious breath, and to help others find their path to healing.